WarFlowWarFlow is a RTS war browser game where you can command your forces and team up with your friends in the Legion to give enemies a bloodbath, and seize their farms and mines. In WarFlow, it's no way to stand out all on your own. You need to be a member of a nation, a legion or at least a team to get ahead in WarFlow. You need to team up with other players to defeat the NPC legions as bosses of each power. Nearly a hundred types of soldiers, dozens of formations and hundreds of heroes provide players with numerous strategies to apply in your army. These variables will of course lead to different results when fighting against different enemies. Use your wisdom to reveal the secret of the army line-up. WarFlow is 100% free and no downloads required.
Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Graphics: Text Based
Official Site: http://www.warflow.com/

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