9 Empires9 Empires is a free to play fantasy strategy browser game with RPG elements. The game has a lot to offer, starting with the choice between 9 playable races (four of which were accessible during the closed beta): Humans, Elves, Orcs, Subterraneans, Highlanders, Undead, Ghosts, Sirens and Underworld each with their own advantages, disadvantages, troops and tactics all waiting to be commanded by a mighty and ambitious leader. A quick tutorial makes the entry into the game very easy and also gives a good overview of the many different activities that are available to players: first and foremost you must build up your cities and economy and start training up to five heroes to lead your armies. Beyond this you can explore the world of Bathea, craft items, fight epic bosses and even partake in huge legion battles for strategic areas.
Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Graphics: 2D
Official Site: http://9empires.com/

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