ZoomumbaCute pandas, gorgeous gorillas, hyperactive meerkats, and cuddly polar bear babies, welcome to Zoomumba! It’s easy to fall in love with the zoo animals looking up at you with their big bright eyes. In Zoomumba, players focus on creating the best zoo around, striving to satisfy zoo visitors and keep their animals happy by tending to them and their virtual habitats. As zoo directors, players are responsible for making sure their animals are healthy and happy. They have to provide food and water, and must call a vet if their animals get sick. Happy and healthy animals help the zoo attract more visitors, which increases the zoo’s popularity, and makes it more successful. Players can also customize and expand their zoos by adding special animal habitats, concession stands, and decorations, including trees, fountains, and statues. Hard-working zoo directors can level up in no time at all. Zoomumba offers a friendly community and intuitive gameplay, making it a pleasure to play for experienced or inexperienced players alike.
Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Graphics: 2D
Official Site: http://www.zoomumba.com/

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