Max PowMax Pow is proving to be very popular amongst gamers in China and Japan. Max Pow is an online role-playing experience set in a fantasy world. MP takes action RPG fundamentals and adds loads of creatures, environments, weapons and characters. Players become brave heroes as they explore and fight across a mysterious and perilous land. MP allows thousands of players to interact within the same world, where they can battle each other, form friendships, forge alliances, and compete with enemies for power, glory, and accolades. Max Pow’s action is instant and real-time. Feel the rush as you are simultaneously lobbing your attacks while trying to dodge your opponents. Controls are easy and intuitive, with the key to winning being strategy and quick reaction. Max Pow has eight distinctively different character occupations: Druid, Thief, Ninja, Witch, Hunter, Fighter, Mage, and Pirate; all of which have different characteristics and skills. Through these individual skills, the players can select and use characters to suit specific needs for missions. Players can even play in free-for-all or team modes.
Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta
Graphics: 2D
Official Site:

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