International Basketball Manager Online is an online basketball game for which only a computer with connexin necesitars Internet to play. In the game, podrs fulfill all functions of the dome of a team of directors, may sign players, sell, and maintain a quarry. During the game, there will be other teams that want to employ you, and can switch teams at the time. You play games against other users and you will not put CFLI. The main difficulty of the game is to maintain stable economy of your computer. Of course, anytime access podrs to schedule workouts and players, see the results of your league, offer bonuses in games, read forums etc. International Basketball Manager not only gives you official competitions podrs play with your team friendlies and private leagues against any other player. But International Basketball Manager is not only that, it's another way to share and enjoy basketball. Remember that if you spend two weeks in red Nmeros your computer to go bankrupt and fired sers. Numbers To leave red and start counting again two weeks tendrs to spend 24 hours in White Numbers. If you lose your computer, do not worry, volversa receive three new offerings.
Genre: Simulation Status: Open Beta
Graphics: Text Based
Official Site:

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