Excalibur OnlineExcalibur Online is a free to play browser based strategy game that offers players the chance to unify medieval Britain. Players must collect resources and quickly develop new technology in order to build up their cities, maintain powerful armies, defend against invaders, and develop strategies to conquer the entire map. Thousands of players from around the world have the same goal, so it's a never ending battle for resources and development. In Excalibur Online, players can enter into alliances with other players, get help from legendary heroes, and use magical special items to help achieve their objectives. The game features over 100 historical and legendary heroes from the period that can be recruited to lead player armies. There are 19 types of military units including magic users and siege weapons. Players can build a wide variety of structures to develop resources, research new technologies, recruit and train armies, and maximize defense. Players can also communicate with each other using a sophisticated chat system and in-game emails.
Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Graphics: 2D
Official Site: http://www.excaliburmmo.com/

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