Crown of ByzantusBase Ship Command is a free science fiction game game that is designed, built and run by a single developer and a single graphic artist. In Base Ship Command players take on the role of a starship commander whose home world has been destroyed by evil races of AI's (artifical intellegence). Players need to avoid these AI's as they have fleets of powerful starships. Players will find civilized planets that may provide additions to their starship, improvements, profitable trades , advanced technology and quests. Players will also encounter hostile races. The goal is to improve and grow. This can be done by trading with planets and other players, finding and completing star quests, and possibly thru piracy. Players need to consider seeking out like minded players and form guilds. In addition, players should find planets to improve their starship's abilities and build up an arsenol of weapons. Fuel is the currancy of this game - make sure you have lots! __________________________________________________________________________________________
Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Graphics: Text Based
Official Site:

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