Three Kingdoms Online Item Keys GiveawayThere's nothing we love here at FreeBrowserGamer more than giving our devoted readers the chance to get in-game items whenever we can. Three Kingdoms Online release its English version. So, we asked for a bunch of newbie packs keys to give out! They (Koramgame) were all too glad to give us a large bundle, which we've now set up on our gift keys server for you to grab. So, don't waste any time to join Three Kingdoms Online and have fun together! To get your key you just need to click on the link bellow "Get Yours!".

Koramgame proudly presents Three Kingdoms Online, a highly anticipated browser game based on ancient Chinese history,, which released its English version on Dec 3rd,2009. It is free of charge, and open to players all over the world. Deeply rooted in the traditional culture, Three Kingdoms Online unfolds an epic warring era between different kingdoms of a divided China. It borrows from elements of RPG, strategy and management games and combines into a browser game with high quality graphics. Players will get a unique experience never found before.

For more information on Three Kingdoms Online check out the official website or make sure to see our very own Three Kingdoms Online game space!


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Newbie Packs

The newbie pack includes several items such as red-hare, token, addtional 500 exp and other 4 useful tools, the total value is 93 gold in the game.

Game Features

• No need to install. You can log in and play the game in your browser.
• You can conquer a whole new world which you are familiar with, and establish your own legend.
• Diplomacy is the best tactic to conquer a city. You can use several of strategies in that world.
• Original warrior education system and quest system provides players more interesting game experience.
• You have a large room to extend your territory. We will update our game occasionally, providing more content for players to enjoy.

How To Get And Use Your Coupons:

1. Make sure you have a valid Koramgame account.
Register for a Koramgame account if you do not already have one.

2. Sign into your account and choose the role you like best.

3. Activate your coupon on the redemption page:

First click on the “Mall” button at the top of the window to open the mall interface:

You will see a list of various goods. Then please click “Coupon Code”.

Finally input your Coupon Code and click OK:

Once you get the prize, you will be able to see the items in your treasury.

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