City of Eternals Alpha Test and Ohai have teamed up to give our users a invite for City of Eternals. To get your invite you just need to click on the link bellow "Click Here".

City of Eternals is the world's first MMORPG set in a world of modern Vampires, created by developers of the Everquest series, PlanetSide, Free Realms, and many other hits. It's free to play on the web with no downloads, with 3D graphics that can run on any Net-connected computer with an updated browser. Choose your Vampire look and fighting style, explore a massive city with dozens of story quests, combat instances, and standalone missions; learn to harvest valuables and craft useful items, customize your own home, and choose your path to becoming the ultimate vampire. The first MMORPG fully connected to Facebook, you can instantly play City of Eternals with your real life friends, and meet new friends in-game. (And once you have enough friends, recruit them into your own Vampire house of minions, to do your bidding!)

For more information about City of Eternals, click here to visit the official website!


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- We have 100 invites to offer with 100 ohais (virtual currency that will cost actual money once the game is open)

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