Browser Game of the Year 2009 AwardsThe preparations for the election of the Browser Game of the Year 2009 have launched. Just in time for the turn of the year GalaxyNews awards the “Browser Game of the Year” and elects the best browser based games of 2009.

With the internationalization two years ago and with support of leading browser game media the title "Browser Game of the Year" evolved to be the most important award for browser games since its creation in 2005. With FreeBrowserGamer, GameBizz, GamesDynamite, GamesSphere, GamingXP, MPOGD and OGLabs an exlusive choice of partners is aboard this time as well.

Developers, publishers and especially browser games players can satisfy their curiosity again regarding the votings the for best releases of the year - and can also actively take part in the action.

The award ceremony will take place as usual at the beginning of the new year. The proven design of previous years will not be changed: a professional, international jury of journalists, professional and independent developers as well as players will award the best browser games. The browser based games compete in over a dozen categories. At the same time, the players can decide at the public prize for their own personal favourites.

To complete the jury in preparation of the "Browser Game of the Year"-Awards still enthusiastic players and browser games developers are wanted! Besides, proposals of games to be nominated for the awards are still accepted. The only requirement: it needs to be a browser game which was released in 2009 for the first time.

The nominees will be published on the official website ( in the middle of December before the voting starts in January at the same place. There you'll find the information on how to apply for the jury and how to submit a nominee as well.

All browser games enthusiasts are invited to participate and can already look forward to an exciting show: The struggle for the trophy "Browser Game of the Year"!

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