Ninja Clans (Narudou, Nindou)Nindou (Narudou, Ninja Clans) is a ninja 2D themed casual PvP browser based game based on flash technology based on the Chinese game Ren Dou Feng Yun 3. The context of the story takes place at Pacific era, in the east there is a mysterious country, with large areas and complex terrain, it is referred to as "Land of Issun," the most significant feature here is the small body, only one inch high, just like beans, this is "Land of Issun" the origin of the name, because people here are engaged in rigorous self-cultivation as the ninja, so called "Narudou", although the body is small, but very vitality and strong. Country is not only the home of narudou, there are monsters too, is a place that human lived with the monster, and this wonderful country is divided into two big islands, namely the "Nekomata island" with the "Yagyo Island ", no matter which island, there are many narudou by the establishment of tribal life, people live happily every day of practice bustling life!

Genre: RPG
Status: Open Beta
Graphics: 2D
Official Site:

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