Origins Return is an MMORTS based on the platform Gate 2.9 of the French version! This International version of Origins Return was developed by incorporating some concept changes aimed at increasing the playability. These changes make of it also a different game, even if basically, the process remains the same.
Your empire is built around the Space Portal: you can have an unlimited number of soldiers, which can participate to epic battles. Go conquer the universe, explore new worlds and send your elite units fight for your salvation and your honor.
Your empire has not forgotten to build spaceships, even if their use is less important. However, you can build your own spaceships with the technology that you have gained! You can customize your fleet until the smallest techniques and tactics details. It is your mission to find the best way to enrich your knowledge as soon as possible! You will also possible to ally with other players to trade or to fight together. Designed for both a warrior-type game that minor, Origins Return will delight young and old, experienced players as beginners.

Genre: Strategy
Status: Open Beta
Graphics: Text Based
Official Site:

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