Legend Of KathaLegend Of Katha is a browser-based multi-player role playing game set in the lush world of Katha. It blends tactical thinking and dynamic graphics with a compelling storyline to satisfy all gamers. Players can challenge each other to combat, accumulate gold and undertake quests to win additional weapons and power-ups. Powerful foes will challenge you at every turn and you must use skill and strategy to survive. Players will enter an original fantasy world called "Trikoot" and encounter other real players from around the world. The Katha players can duel on-line against each other to gain experience points, powerful weapons, armor and other unique items. All players will compete for "Katha Gold" (money) based on wins and losses. Character titles and traits can be unlocked based on the player's kill habits and as he or she plays along, the player's play-style and personality can be further developed. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to create or join a clan, declare your allies, enemies, and start your campaigns.

Genre: RPG
Status: Alpha
Graphics: 2D
Official Site: http://www.legendofkatha.com/
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