The Key Giveaway is Over and Sparkplay Media are pleased to present the FreeBrowserGamer readers with a invite to the Earth Eternal Closed Beta.

Earth Eternal is an upcoming 3D Browser Based MMO from Sparkplay Media. Taking place in a time after the fall of mankind where the ancient Beasts from which Man descended to return to Earth and contend with Demons, Faeries, Dragons, Gods, and Titans of old to write their destinies anew, the game incorporates real-world mythological and fantastical elements like Egyptian gods and Arthurian legends in its story.

How to Start Playing

1. Create an account on (If you already have one, skip to step 3.)
2. Confirm your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email you’ll receive.
3. Login into your account on
4. Click on the ACCOUNT link in the lefthand navigation:
5. Enter your code in the REDEEM GAME CODE box.
6. Click the PLAY NOW! button.


Our beta servers are only live on Thursday 3-6 PM PST, Saturday 12-8 PM PST and Sunday 12-8 PST.

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