Duels is a browser-based MMORPG that combines the strategy of CCG's with the character development of traditional RPG's. Duels is the ultimate fighter management game, where only YOU are in charge of your fighters' destiny and only YOUR skill decides whether you win or lose. Where you may choose to become a strong follower of the Sword and later a skilled Assassin or Warrior, or follow the path of the staff and become a Wise Mage or Healing Druid!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.duels.com


Wanted is a browser-based, free-to-play, MMOG which steeped in the mythology of the film with the same name. As they progress through the game, players will build their character from an assassin in training to a powerful Fraternity leader.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.wantedthegame.com

The Ninja-RPG

The Ninja-RPG is a Browser based fighting simulator game, who takes on the roll of a Ninja. Learn the way of Shinobi as you start as an aspiring Academy Student. Fight your way to the top to become the Kage: the single shadow that protects your village from any danger, or become your village's worst nightmare as a wandering Outlaw of pure darkness.
Genre: RPG
Official site: http://www.theninja-rpg.com/

Renaissance Kingdoms
Renaissance Kingdoms is a free, international, browser-based online multiplayer roleplay game set in Europe in the time of the Late Middle Ages. Players lead their character from a humble beginning to a place of fortune and influence by navigating the worlds of production, trade, thievery, politics, education, religion, and war.
Genre: RPG
Official site: http://www.renaissancekingdoms.com/


AnnihilationX is a browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Choose from over 25 unique types of weapons, ammunition, and armor as you amass armies of mercenaries that you will lead into combat against thousands of other players. Join a Crew or create a Crew of your own with your friends if you think you have what it takes. Make personal alliances and carry out hits on your personal hitlist, but remain cautious as every player's strategy is different and your allies can quickly become your enemies. One thing is certain, only the elite few will achieve the status of an AnnihilationX Champion, AnnihilationX Hero, or even an AnnihilationX Legend.
Genre: RPG (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.annihilationx.com/


Starwake is a Massively Multi player Online Role Playing game where you are in control of your destiny. The unique world of Starwake is ever-changing as new Alliances rise up to power. Take control with your own Spaceship where you can choose upgrades from a vast array of components and battle for dominion! Rise to the top of your foes with PVP. Defend your Outpost from raiders, devote your career to a life of strength and power, or join in the ranks of the few that balance the economy of the universe you decide. Will you fight for your planet?
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.starwake.net

Prison Struggle

Prison Struggle is a massive multiplayer online role play game based on the real inmate life.
You've just been sent down for the second time, and its time to start the struggle of making a name for yourself by dominating the cells on the inside, but still keeping it locked down on the outside world.
You have the ability to murder, mug, join inside gangs, create your own inside gang or just stay as a lone serial killer taking out anyone that comes in your way to the top. You thought it was bad last time?
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.prisonstruggle.com/


Megaduel is a multiplayer rpg/fighting browser game. You take control of a group of warriors, and each of them has its own personal skills, that can be improved as you play. As you move through the different scenarios, you can make them battle other users' warriors or npc.
Genre: RPG (text Based)
Official Site: http://megaduel.com/

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery is an open-ended, detective role playing game (RPG) where you solve mysteries by searching for clues, questioning suspects and interviewing witnesses. Every mystery is unique with different victims, suspects and clues. All mysteries are solvable, in fact there are always multiple ways to solve any single mystery, but player skill and a small amount of luck are necessary to nab the guilty suspect.
Genre: RPG (text Based)
Official Site: http://shades.playsleuth.com/


Legacy is an online multiplayer browser based RPG, one of the few left with a full range of features and yet free with no banners or popups. It can be played from nearly any computer in the world. Play from your office, from school, from internet cafes or just from home. Interact with countless others around the world, level up and rise to power.
Genre: RPG (text Based)
Official Site: http://www.legacy-game.net/

Dark Warriors

Dark Warriors is a free medieval based role playing game which is all playable directly in your browser and requires no downloads. You stay awake at night wondering what it would be like to live the life of a Dark Warrior. Imagining the mystical creatures, battles and adventures you would experience and the many riches you would be rewarded with. As you continue to wonder, you look up to the night's sky and see a faint message written in the stars.
Genre: RPG (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.dark-warriors.net/


Leuric is a brand new flash web game. It's a continuously evolving Massively multiplayer role playing game, where you play as one of two factions, Viking or Atlantian. Players can choose to adventure the vast lands of Leuric or fight against the opposite faction in the Arena fighting for the highest rank and fame, becoming the ultimate warrior. Players can choose from a wide selection of weapons and items, customizes and train their character skills, work to obtain more money for buying items or upgrading skills.
Genre: RPG
Official site: http://www.leuric.com

The Legacy of Holy Castle

The Legacy of Holy Castle, is making its appearance. Differ from other common web-game, The Legacy of Holy Castle is based on fantasy warfare story background, and the game also processes a combination of RPG and SLG elements to bring the most astounding gaming experience to its players.
Genre: RPG
Official site: http://holy.webmmo.com/

Angels of Fasaria
Angels of Fasaria is a browser based based multiplayer online RPG based upon the Fasaria World fantasy and story! Level up and build your character, journey on quests, form or join a guild, build your kingdom, climb the ranks and so much more!
Genre: RPG
Official Site
: Click Here


The name PhantasyRPG comes off to some people as being unoriginal. The reason the game is entitled this is because its simply a fantastical RPG. You are to determine your role in it and how your character turns out. Our class system is enormous which adds even more to the fact that you can define your own path, you aren't limited or heldback by game restrictions.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://phantasyrpg.com

Chosen Space
Chosen Space is a Free Browser based Space Trading & Combat MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Created by Torin Solo the designer of Galactic Fleets With Player feedback helping the Game grow and evolve 100% Free with no in game Advertising.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.chosenspace.com/

Domain of Heroes
Domain of Heroes is a free browser-based massively-multiplayer web RPG. You can play at home, at school, at work, or at the coffee shop - as long as you've got a browser and an internet connection, you are ready to be a Hero!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.domainofheroes.com

SigmaStorm II
SigmaStorm 2 is the latest futuristic role-playing game from developer Hunted Cow Studios Ltd. Featuring a detailed back story, an expansive world and exciting PvP and PvE elements.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.sigmastorm2.com

RoboWars is a free browser based online RPG. Create a Robot, and lead it into battle against over 20,000 other Robots. Earn money, buy weapons, join a squad, there are so many options. Create, plan, strategize and dominate, it's up to you!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.robowarsgame.com/

Bootleggers is a browser-based, multiplayer game set during the 1930s Prohibition era in the United States. As a player, you take on the role of a small time gangster during this era. Your first interactions with the game will be pitiful crimes such as pick pocketing. As you progress, you will be able to steal cars, transport large quantities of booze, and even participate in organized crimes.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.bootleggers.us/

The West
The West is a browser game based on the wild west. The West obviously allows you to choose your own character, who can be trained and improve skills. Therefore your character has to work. The map is filled with possible jobs and activities. These can be activated through reaching certain goals within the game.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.the-west.net/

Blood Wars
Blood Wars is a free Browser-based MMORPG(massive multiplayer online role-playing games). Impersonate a vampire in post nuclear world and fight for dominance in the only city that survived the apocalypse. You begin the game as a newly-changed vampire, without support, having only what you managed to find in surrounding ruins.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://bloodwars.net/

Dead Awaken
Dead Awaken is a online game set in a post zombie outbreak world. Fight against players from all over the world in this massive multiplayer online game. Choose to ally with an angry mob of humans or an infectious horde of zombies to further help your survival during the apocalypse.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.deadawaken.com/


Gothador is a web-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game) where literally thousands of people play online together. When you start, your character is visible in the middle of the game grid. You can then move to any of the eight directions around you, providing it is a valid place to move. As well as moving around the world, you can also interact with other players by chatting, fighting and trading. As you progress, your character will gain experience and level-up.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.gothador.com/


HoboWars is a role-playing game where you play as a hobo and compete against thousands of players from around the world. It is played directly from your browser and is totally free. You can fight other hobos, train, join a gang, race in your very own shopping cart, own and train rats, beg for money, complete fun adventures and heaps more!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.hobowars.com

UnforgivenWar is a free text-based MMORPG that brings you to the front
lines of deadly conflict and adventure. In UnforgivenWar you can enlist in your choice of military branches, fight alone, or lead a platoon, interact in peace zone or wage war, the choices are vast.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.unforgivenwar.com/

Omerta is a text-based massive multiplayer RPG game, based on the stories about the legendary don Barafranca. The action takes place in a crowded city in the 1930's. Working legally you will hardly earn for living. You choose the other way - to be a gangster. It is a risky way, but if you're inteligent and lucky enough, you can rise to the Godfather of the city...
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.barafranca.com/

Dragon Tavern
Dragon Tavern, a web based adventure game where everyone is a champion.. to some degree.. Explore the wilds, beat up monsters, steal their lunch money, and use it to buy a bigger stick. That's the life of all true adventurers! Create your very own today, and make a name for yourself as the most powerful in the land. What are you waiting for? There's treasure out there to loot!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.dragontavern.com/

The Mobster Game
The Mobster Game is a free turn-based game based on the real mafia lifestyle. The game is fully browser based so you won’t need to download or install anything, and it works on anything with an internet connection.
In The Mobster Game, you can form a criminal organization in your image, join any number of established cartels, or be a one-man criminal syndicate. Create your reputation with no concern for the law, but don’t expect it to come easy. Respect has a price, and it’s measured in blood.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.themobstergame.com


Tanoth is a free graphic-based Massive Multiplayer Online Browser Game.
With the disappearance of king Targon also the country Aris fell into darkness. In Tarabat, a small village at the foot of the shadow mountains, the brave adventurers meet to try their luck. Some heroes bravery will lead to their doom. But those who are strong enough and stay alive are going to find unexpected opulences...
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://tanoth.co.uk/


Outwar is a web-based massive multiplayer game with over 75,000 active players. Build power by hunting in Diamond City - Buy supplies to increase your power - Quest for special items and rare equipment - Join a crew and participate in massive raid encounters!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.outwar.com/

Knight Fight

Knight Fight - Browser Based Game, RPG Epic. Become a knight now and fight for fame and glory! Join the Knights of the Light or plunder and ravage the countryside and join the Horde of Darkness. Swear your oath of knighthood and choose your own destiny and allegiance through the decisions you make in-game!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.knightfight.co.uk/

For centuries, the TechWarriors have been among the most highly praised warriors on the planet. Face your own personal challenge and fight for glory, honor and credits! Become the most famous TechWarrior of the century!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://world3.techwarrior.co.uk

Tales of Magic

Become a witch or mage and learn magical spells! Attack enemy sorcerers with fireballs or frost attacks and battle zombies and dragons. Tales of Magic can be played at no cost but, if you wish, you can exchange gems for gold and participate in bonus Premium adventures by purchasing gem tickets.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.talesofmagic.co.uk

Rule the Seas

Rule the Seas is a Browser-based pirate game. Do what ye want. Mug, steal, kill, and maim. Rule the Seas. These are all actions ye can take to become the Ruler of the Seas. Rule the seas is the best online pirate themed game where you can do just about whatever you want.
Donors within the game become "Respected Pirates" with added features.
Have fun!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://ruletheseas.com/


For thousands of years a merciless war has raged between the werewolves and the vampires. This is not just a war over hunting territories, this is the ultimate battle to decide who will rule the world! The war between the werewolves and vampires has also spread to the internet, you too have the chance to join one of the warring parties, perhaps tipping the balance in favour of your chosen race!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://world2.monstersgame.us/

Enter the exciting world of PiratesAssault, meaure your stength during duels with other pirates, go on sea raids, train your character, equip your ship and wage glorious sea battles, all in the search for glory, gold respect and fame!!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.piratesassault.co.uk

Dark Throne

Dark Throne is a free browser-based massive online game featuring interaction between thousands of players in a virtual fantasy world. Attacking and pillaging nearby kingdoms, defending against incoming attacks, and sending covert spy missions against other players are just some of the unique and challenging online gaming experiences found in Dark Throne.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.darkthrone.com/


Gladiatus is a continuously evolving Massively Multiplayer Online Game where you play as one of the many gladiators of Ancient Rome. Although not mandatory, players generally compete in trying to become the highest ranked character in the Arena and/or the specific game server.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.gladiatus.com/

Travians is a browser game in which you rise to the challenge of everyday life as a villager. This means more than just specializing in your occupation, building your own home or deciding whether you enjoy games more than fighting: The most important thing is communication within the huge village community. This is the only way to get fun clubs and strong guilds. Become a Travian and experience a whole new online world!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.travians.com/

BattleKnight is a free online browser game. Become a paladin in shining armor or a dark robber knight accepting no laws.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://battleknight.us

The Kingdom of Loathing

The Kingdom of Loathing (or KoL, as it has come to be known by its player base) is a free, comical RPG, brought to you by the folks at Asymmetric Publications.
KoL is currently in open beta -- it's open to the public to play, but it's not quite finished.
KoL is played from the comfort of your browser, and is adorned with a staggering array of stunning hand-drawn images. It is turn-based, which means you get a certain number of turns (Adventures) each day.
Genre: RPG
Official Website: http://www.kingdomofloathing.com

Samurai of Legend
In a land ruled by the sword, where a person lives or dies by their wits and cunning, each samurai struggles to carve out their place in history. Do you have what it takes to become the best? Live by a code of honor and defeat any who stand in your path in the most amazing text rpg of all time? Travel to the world of the Samurai Game where every choice is crucial, and every battle gets you one step closer to you goal of becoming the top player in the best online text rpg.
Genre: RPG
Official Website: http://www.samuraioflegend.com/


Forumwarz is a role-playing game that takes place on the Internet. In fact, think of Forumwarz as the Internet itself... in game form.
Forumwarz takes the gameplay principles of RPGs and applies them to today's ubiquitous cyber-culture, while mercilessly parodying both. You won't find yourself slaying dragons or hobnobbing with flax-hair'd elf lords here. In Forumwarz, the closest thing to a dungeon is your grandma's basement, where your character spends his days pwning forums, shopping for online goods, distributing suspect pieces of hacker code and instant-messaging a parade of increasingly bizarre and obnoxious characters.
Genre: RPG (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.forumwarz.com

Trenton Made

Trenton Made is a roleplaying browser-based game which you can control your gang in the fastest paced mob game online! Rise above the trappings of ordinary life and enter the notorious mafia game.
Put contracts out on your enemies or kill em yourself, play the best mob game on the internet. Buy and sell black market goods, be boss of a family and rule with absolute power as you enjoy the best mob game out. Take part in multi-step Mob Games and Missions. Bribe cops, burn down buildings, spy on your rivals, and outsmart the feds.
Genre: RPG (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.trentonmade.com

Pirate4x4.com - The Game is modeled after the well known off road site of the same name, Pirate4x4.com. The competitions, rigs, and events that you have seen on the website make up much of the content of this text based game.
Join the Pirate masses building rigs modeled after those found in the pages of Pirate4x4. As you acquire funds, build your rig to make it more capable to compete and participate in trail rides, and collect personal items that will allow you to attack other players and advance in the game.
Genre: RPG
Official Website: http://game.pirate4x4.com/

Crimson Moon
Crimson Moon is a free web based fantasy Persistent Browser-Based RPG Game (PBBG) featuring Vampires, Werewolves, and Hybrids. All that is required to play Crimson Moon is a web browser and an internet connection. No Downloads!
Genre: RPG
Official Website: http://cmrpg.net/

The Dino are very nice animals who are looking for somebody to look after them. Help them to grow up and fight against other Dino. After each fight, no matter whether you win or lose, you'll get experience and gold coins. With the coins you can teach your Dino new things. Explore the great world of Dinoland! Discover the different places of this magic kingdom and participate the tournaments which will make you famous!
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.dinoparc.com/

Jurassic RPG

The Jurassic Animal Sanctuary has been built to study and preserve some very unique animals. Inside this sanctuary there are eleven reserves that help us to study these animals. The reserves are also designed with protection in mind. While inside a reserve you are safe from harm.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.jurassicrpg.com/

Tomb Treasure

Tomb Treasure is a free persistent browser based game (PBBG) that allows players to enter and navigate a tomb, fight its inhabitants for their riches and remove the collected treasure for points in a battle to be the richest player by the end of the game.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.tombtreasure.com/


BGMAFIA is a mass online browser-based game. You are a gangster in a criminal world. You start with some cash and have to rice. Respect is everything - everythime you win you gain respect. At the beginning you grab cash and develop your skills by attacking passers-by. If you are not cautious the police can catch you and you will have to spend some time in prison.
Genre: RPG
Official Site: http://www.bgmafia.com


GangsterMind is a free, browser-based game where you are a ruthless Gangster thirsting for money and power. At the helm of an organized crime gang, you will instill fear in the hearts of your enemies to protect your assets and expand your territory. This action-packed game is full of excitement, loads of fun! You can sign up today and join now to become the Mastermind!
Genre: RPG (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.gangstermind.com/

Pimps Street

Pimps Street is a massive, online, multiplayer text-based game. Here you are a pimp on a quest for money, power and respect. As a pimp, you must build up your networth by recruiting hoes to generate your income, and thugs to protect your crib. That's just the beginning.
Genre: RPG (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.pimpsstreet.com/

Lands of Hope

Lands of Hope is a fantasy browser based MMORPG which takes place in the fictional lands of Myzan, a world with a long and trouble history which is currently in the midst of a terrible conflict.
Official Site: http://www.forlornonline.com


Estiah is a free browser based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It offers a rich game experience for both the novices and the RPG experts. No install, no membership fee , you can start playing right now!
Official site: http://www.estiah.com/

Hitman's Life

Hitman's Life is a Free MMORPG game, you can sign up today and experience the life of a hitman while working your way through the ranks of "The Company" to become the greatest Hitman.
You have the ability to be a leader and create your own hitman company to drive to the top or can equally join other companies to help build an unstoppable empire. Perform Hitjobs, collect cash and purchase weapons along the way of attacking your enemies to help build up respect. Hitmanslife is an online game that requires no download to play, all you need is a browser to play this MMORPG Game.
Official Site: http://www.hitmanslife.com

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey is a free online space MMORPG game involving empire building, player vs. player intense action, galaxy combat, fleet management, military tactics, spaceship fleet customization, planet development and planetary combat, resource management, role playing character development, and much more!
Official Site: http://www.spaceo.net/

Pit Stop Boss

Pit Stop Boss is a browser based online racing simulator. You have control over car development, setup and race day strategy as you pit your management skills against thousands of others online.
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://pitstopboss.co.uk/

BATracer is a browser webgame similar to some racing manager style webgames. However, it is unique in that gameplay centres around the player as the driver, rather than the team manager. This introduces multiplayer team work as an important part of success. Set in a world of medieval high fantasy, Call of the Kings takes place in the old Empire of Khadoria and on the surrounding frontier continents.
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://batracer.com/


Bulletdrive is an online multiplayer browser based game. You will have a chance to manage drivers, mechanics, cars and alot more in order to win as many races as possible against other players and climb the ranking ladder! Buy a Ferrari for circuit racing or a Subaru for offroads, pick your style
Genre: Simulation
Official site: http://www.bulletdrive.com/

The Hollywood Stock Exchang
The Hollywood Stock Exchange is an entertainment stock market where you can trade movies, stars, and more, just as you would stocks and bonds. You can trade for FREE and earn Hollywood Dollars, check out the latest news, chat with other entertainment buffs, and more!
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://www.hsx.com/

Cyber Nations
Cyber Nations is a free persistent browser-based nation simulation game. Create a nation anywhere in the world and decide how you will rule your people by choosing a government type, a national religion, ethnicity, tax rate, currency type, and more in this new geo-political, nation, and government simulator. Build your empire by purchasing infrastructure to support your citizens, land to expand your borders, technology to increase your nation's effectiveness, military to defend your interests, and develop national improvements and wonders to build your nation according to your choosing.
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://www.cybernations.net/


BananaKing is a multiplayer browser game, you require nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser to play it. You've finally pulled it off! Welcome to the exclusive club of the banana plantation owners! Isn't this great? What you're doing here? What kind of question is that, it's quite obvious, isn't it!? You're supposed to cultivate bananas and sell them like crazy, what else would a banana plantation owner do!?
Genre: Simulation (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.bananaking.co.uk/


Ponystars is the new online game for everyone who loves ponies! Breed, raise and train your own herd of Ponystars. It's FREE to register & play! When you play Ponystars, the Fairies entrust you to collect, keep, train & care for up to 75 Ponystars in your own herd! You can build your herd by breeding and raising adorable baby Ponystars, or by buying and selling your Ponystars.
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://www.ponystars.com/

Erepublik is a combination of a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) and a social network. It's a totally new world, with a multiplayer simulator from the current world, based on a website and textual elements with a search for easy navigation, reflecting a version of the real world where citizens of different countries interact.
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://www.erepublik.com

Xpert Eleven

Xpert Eleven is the game where you can challenge your friends in the noble art of coaching a football team. Get your friends together and create your own league system.
It is completely free to play Xpert Eleven. You can either create your very own league or join an existing league.
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://www.xperteleven.com

Online Football Manager

Online Football Manager is fun and challenging Internet game where you get the chance to manage your favourite football team! You will be facing other managers from all over the world. Every night, football matches will be played in a virtual world, containing all elements of a real football match. You will have full control over your team: you decide the tactics to use, what formation to play in, which players to buy, how to expand your stadium, and much more.
Genre: Simulation (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.onlinefootballmanager.co.uk/

The Wrestling Game

The Wrestling Game is a strategic/managerial on-line game on the world of wrestling. All you need to play is a common web browser. You will have the possibility to build your career as a wrestler, starting with no job and no money. Your objective is to build your own career and to take your spot to the various Federations in the game to earn money, this is fundamental to buy new moves, train your character and create your own entrance. You will become always more famous and popular, and you will reach the highest spots of your Federation.
Genre: Simulation
Official site: http://www.thewrestlinggame.com/

City Empires

City Empires is a free web-based city/empire simulation Mass Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) where players act as mayor of their own growing city. After a major world conflict, fought years before, that saw much of the world left in ruins and few people left standing, you have been chosen by the few people that have gathered around you to lead them into a stable and prosperous future.
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://www.cityempires.net


Kapilands is a browser based economy simulation and can be played on every computer with internet access. Downloads or plugins are not necessary. Come to Kapilands and become your own boss!
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://www.kapilands.com/

Second Home

Second Home is a browser-based online-game, playing at time of early renaissance (1570). Game-fun and suspense are guaranteed. But to be able to play Second Home, you need a browser which can handle frames.You have the opportunity to discover your new renaissance world, "Aramoon", and colonize it together with many other players.
Genre: Simulation
Official Site: http://www.second-home.org/

Cricket Manager

Cricket Manager is an online multi-player simulation browser-based cricket manager game with a sense of humour. Join thousands of managers and register today on Cricket Manager, the funniest cricket game on the internet! Get your team, test your management skills against thousands of other managers online and compete for thousands of pounds worth of prizes.
Genre: Simulation (Text Based)
Official Site: http://cricketmanager.co.uk/

Banish Land
Banish Land is a free massively multiplayer browser based strategy game. Set in an aggressive and dangerous medieval world where warlords struggle for supremacy in a chaotic land of warlord and demons - Banish Land. You are the lord of a city, born from a village.
Genre: Simulation
Official site: http://banish.webmmo.com/

Street Racers

After sun goes down, street racers come to streets of the city. They are racing each other, taking part in illegal tournaments.
There are racer gangs, so called Clubs. To be a club member, you must win some tournaments. Clubs have members-only racing zones. Every club sends their best racers to club zone tournaments to win prizes, money and glory.
Are you ready to race? Can you beat all racers and become the best Street Racer?
Genre: Simulation (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.street-racer.net/


Sulkyland is a virtual hippodrome. Virtual horse races are organized 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. On Sulkyland, you can bet on races, but you can have your own horses and manage their careers. You start in the game with the "beginner" mode. As soon as you will be at ease with the main concepts, you will have the possibility to go in the higher level called "expert" mode and discover many others possibilities.
Genre: Simulation (text Based)
Official Site: http://www.eliteavengers.org/

Planetarium Football Star

FootStar (Planetarium Football Star) is a game where you are in control of a football player, trying to become the best player the planet has ever seen. You will be able to decide what club to join, set up training schemes, interact with your team mates, give interviews, adquire goods to increase your lifestlye and morale, amongst several other options, in order to become the best football player the world has ever seen!
Genre: Simulation (text Based)
Official Site: http://www.footstar.org/

Alien Adoption AgencyAlien Adoption Agency is a unique online battle simulation/strategy browser based game with a Roleplaying setting, in which you adopt and train an alien, and have it fight its way to the top.
Genre: Simulation/strategy
Official site: http://www.alienaa.com/

Travian is a browser game featuring a world with thousands of other real players. One begins the game acting as a chief of a tiny village. You play with thousands of real players in a persistent ancient world.
Genre: Strategy
Official site: http://www.travian.com/

In the browser game Damoria, you create your own world. Construct buildings, mine raw materials, send your army into battle. Build, settle, trade - and govern over your empire! Experience a medieval world in which you build up your own village and settle adjoining lands.
Genre: Strategy
Official site: http://www.damoria.com/

Global Wars
A new Dawn has begun... Global Trade, Global Diplomacy, Global Warfare... Global Wars in all dimensions - from economy wars to hot destructive conflicts - it is all here...
From the creators of the hit games Imperia Online and Galactic Imperia, comes a brand new ground breaking title: Global Wars!
Genre: Strategy
Official site: http://globalwars.org/

Galactic Imperia
Galactic Imperia is a web-based massively multiplayer strategy online game. It doesn't need any installation - it can be played from any computer as long as it has internet. Whether you are online or not, your empire collects resources and grows. Everything that you do is in real time. Galactic Imperia does not have turns or ticks, the action happens as it would in the real world.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.galacticimperia.org

Ikariam is an online real-time strategy game where you have to manage your resources to extend your imperium from a small settlement in a forsaken island to a complex network of cities and colonies.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.ikariam.com/

OGame is a strategic space simulation game with thousands of players across the world competing with each other simultaneously. All you need to play is a standard web browser.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.ogame.org/

Tribal Wars
Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory. Take down your enemies and prove you are a worthy champion. Your goal is to lead a medieval village to fame and power. With your help the small village will grow bigger and bigger. The population grows, production rises and trade prospers.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.tribalwars.net/

Astro Empires
Astro Empires is an MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game), which you can play in your internet web browser. You build bases, space fleets, research new technologies, form alliances, fight epic Battles, and much more! You start at your home planet, from there you can build your own Empire. The universe is yours. You write the history. All that is required to play Astro Empires is a web browser and an internet connection.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.astroempires.com/

The Crims
The Crims takes place in CrimCity - a metropolis for gangsters, scumbags, and criminals. You have limited time to earn as much respect as you can. The one with the most respect at the end of the game wins!
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.thecrims.com

Imperia Online

Imperia Online is a browser based massively multiplayer online medieval real-time war simulation game. It takes you into a world that exists right before the age of gunpowder. This is the world of the sharp blade, the long bow and the war horse. You play against real people – others like you! Welcome to a medieval world way beyond your wildest dreams!
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.imperiaonline.org/

Pardus is a free graphic-based Massive Multiplayer Online Browser Game (MMOBG) playing in a futuristic universe where traders, pirates and other pilots of various races and factions strive to gain wealth and fame in space.
Playable with all common web browsers, no downloads or plug-ins required!
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.pardus.at/


Lords is a free strategy browser game with a theme of magic and warlike, featuring unqiue guild and battle system . Players can may found or join a guild. Different guilds may vie with each other for resources of mineral products - the winner will obtain abundant treasures and build his empire.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.lordsgame.com/

Welcome to the browser game called Operation-B. It's a strategy game where tactical insight is more important than pure strength and outnumbering the enemy.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.operation-b.net/

Conquer Club

Conquer Club is an online multiplayer world domination game. Risk all your troops on a daring land grab. Use diplomacy to coordinate a group assault on the game leader. Feel the thrill of victory as you crush your last opponent.
Designed for the casual gamer, playing Conquer Club is not a time consuming process. You can take your turn in 5 minutes with your morning cup of coffee or in between classes. A game typically lasts several days, but risk takers can play multiple games at once and stay up all night strategizing their next move.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.conquerclub.com

Industry Tycoon
Industry Tycoon is a strategic economy simulation of a different kind. Prove your management skills in 3 month challenges, erect buildings, produce goods, maximize the profit of your shops.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://en.industrie-tycoon.de/

Dolumar is a PBBG, a persistent browser based game. Create your own powerful kingdom in this vast, colorful, and fully explorable virtual World!
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://portal.dolumar.be/

Devana is an opensource massive multiplayer online browser strategy game in which users can handle economical, diplomatic and military tasks to further increase their empire. Create alliances, battle other players with huge armies led by generals, trade resources, and more.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://devana.eu/

The Mafia Boss

The Mafia Boss is a free web based Massive Multiplayer Online Game, based on the Real Mafia Life so called "La Cosa Nostra".
You wanna be a real Mafia Don like Al Capone, John Gotti and have all the little mafiosos "Kiss Your Ring ... or Die", then you are at the right place!
Genre: Strategy (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.themafiaboss.com/

Booty Master
Booty Master is a multiplayer browser-based online turn based strategy / rpg game.
In Booty Master, you begin in Mastercity, Capital of Bootyland. Life is not easy in Mastercity, therefore you are left with few choices concerning your future. If your choice is the life of a thief, then you are ready to start... Start by thinking what kind of thief you would like to become! Customize your character carefully and when you feel you are ready... start robbing everyone! Will you be the Ultimate Booty Master?
Genre: Strategy/rpg
Official Site: http://www.booty-master.com

Immortal Cities: Nile Online
Immortal Cities: Nile Online is a persistent browser-based empire building game set in ancient Egypt. Play with thousands of other players as you construct cities and monuments worthy of your legacy as Pharaoh! Nile Online is casually paced; it's something you can play throughout the day, minutes at a time.
The game is free to play and there is nothing to download or install - within seconds you're commanding, tweaking and growing your empire from anywhere that you have access to the internet.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.playnileonline.com/


PimpsLord is a free turn-based strategy game for those who wanna control the streets, collect protection money, dominate a city or country, create gangs and much more!The object of this game is to control your underground operations, grow big and kill everyone in sight. Or just make tons of friends and control the world with your network.
Genre: Strategy (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.pimpslord.com

WarDrome is a free strategic management browser game set in a space opera atmosphere. Real time combats, development, economy and role play. The role play is not required anyways, although those who decide not to do so must not spoil the others' role play.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.wardrome.com

High Descent

High Descent is a free PBBG - a persistent browser-based game. High Descent is a massively multiplayer online game, meaning that you compete against hundreds, or even thousands of other players all over the world. This text-based game is based in the 12th century. You start off as a nobleman, with a small amount of gold and no mercenaries. As you begin this journey you must acquire gold. This gold will help you hire mercenaries to help your fighting cause. Your cause is to be the most feared, experienced noble in the land. You do this, by partaking (and winning) battles with other noblemen for experience points.
Genre: Strategy (Text Based)
Official Site: http://highdescent.com/

Universe Wars

Universe Wars is a free browser based game. You begin as the leader of a small village and must rule your empire to crush your enemies.
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.uwars.com/

WarGames 2.0

WarGames 2.0 is a text based, strategy game. WG2 is turn based, meaning you receive turns every 30 minutes of time that passes in the real world, which means it doesn't matter if you have 15 minutes or 15 hours of free time, you could play the game either way.
Every country in the game is an actual person. There are no computers; no fake countries, nothing. Everyone's real.
Genre: Strategy
Official site: http://www.wargames2.net/


Space-Pioneers (short SP) is a so-called MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that, and therein lies the particularity, can be played completely in a web browser.
A further characteristic in contrast to conventional games is that the player is moving in a continuously changing virtual world. This world also changes and develops when the player is offline.
Genre: Strategy (Text Based)
Official Site: http://gus.space-pioneers.net/

ZeldereX Online

ZeldereX Online is a free multiplayer strategy browser game. Players assume the role of a great leader amongst one of the 5 races seeking to control the galaxy by any means necessary. You form your own path to achieve victory, whether it be through military might, economic development, player relations, precision strikes, or utilizing one of the many other endless possibilities available. Over time, the races have been divided into many branches controlled by powerful figures. Now the races not only fight each other, but themselves as well. You are one of these powerful figures and have been placed on a planet that you must take control of. The problem is, you are not the only one there with the same goals in mind.
Genre: Strategy
Official site: http://zelderex.com/

Kings of Chaos
Kings of Chaos is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Browser Game with over 500,000 players. Players can choose one of four races: Orcs, Humans, Elves and Dwarves and build armies, recruit friends as officers, buy weapons, and spy and attack on each other.
Genre: Strategy
Official site: http://www.kingsofchaos.com/


Ferion is a multiplayer turn-based strategy sim available on the web since 1999!
Build your planetary empire and crush your enemies in the most complete strategy game available anywhere. Play Ferion for free in any standard browser without any download or installation. Ferion will fulfill your need for conquest and power!
Genre: Strategy
Official Site: http://www.ferion.com


Deviantwar is a turn-based (one turn is 15 minutes) MMORPG that can be played in your browser. You are lord of your planet, battling other lords and your goal is to make your civilization as successful as possible, both economically and military. The game is fun and easy to learn. You can choose any of 7 countries and every country has its own unique bonus.
Genre: Strategy (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.deviantwar.com

Magic Duel
This is a browser based game of strategy, magic and adventure that will require daily play over very long periods of time without getting boring. New things are added daily, no player character is the same.
Genre: Strategy
Official Website: http://www.magicduel.com

Earth: 2025

Earth: 2025 Try your hand at running a modern day country. Develop its technology, militasy, and land while dealing with war, tarde, diplomacy and more! Best of all, compete and interact with thousands of others also trying to become the most powerful country on the planet. Experience one of the world's most popular interactive multiplayer web games today!
Genre: Strategy (Text Based)
Official Site: http://games.swirve.com/earth/


The StarGateWars is a free, turn based, massive multiplayer 100% web based online verse, fight as one of the 4 initial Races -Asgard, Tauri, Goa'uld, Replicator - , in constant battle for the control of the cosmos.
Use all means at your disposal -income, attack, defence, covert, ascension, politics, weaponry, motherships, planets, protection, alliances, commander and officers, etc, etc...
Be wary though, as thousands of others will be trying to conquer you!
The choices are many, the dangers great, the possibilities endless.
Genre: Strategy (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.stargatewars.com

Warrior Legends

Warrior Legends is a free real time strategy (RTS) browser game set in the Middle Ages. You are the lord of a city as you are born in a country and you will play with thousands of real players. You can select your birthplace in three countries - Gallia, Lllyrium and Germania. In the world of WL online, your mission is to develop your nation and go in for expansion and finally rejuvenate the civilization of the Middle Ages. To complete your mission, you have to gather crop, lumber and iron which can be used to construct infrastructure, explore technology and recruit troops.
Genre: Strategy (text based)
Official Site: http://wl.playcomet.com/

Combat Grounds

Combat Grounds is a text-based multiplayer strategy game for those who want to jump into a world of politics and dominate the battlefield through words and strength.
At Combat Grounds you can become a Navy Seal, a Soldier, or a Terrorist. Where is the enemy? Who are your allies? In an environment where the only certainty you have is yourself, can you survive?
Genre: Strategy (Text Based)
Official Site: http://www.combatgrounds.com/


Rescreatu is a virtual pet site where you can adopt many virtual pets, raise an egg which will hatch into a creatu which will be your virtual pet here on Rescreatu. We are an online, virtual pet game and one of the newest, and fastest growing virtual pet sites on the internet. Rescreatu pets begins when you start your own journey by finding and hatching a virtual pet egg into your own personal creatu. Continue to raise, train, and care for your virtual pet to be the best.
Genre: Community
Official Site: http://www.rescreatu.com


Stardoll is a virtual paperdoll community site for everyone who enjoys fashion, design and making friends. At Stardoll you can create your own MeDoll or choose from the ever growing collection of celebrity dolls and dress them up in the wide selection of fashions. Every celebrity doll has a wardrobe full of unique clothes. The membership is completely free. Stardoll is a great place to spend time with friends and to meet other kids from all over the world.
Genre: Social/Community
Official Site: http://www.stardoll.com

Drakensang Online
Drakensang Online is a free to play 3D action RPG game...
Adventure Quest Worlds
Adventure Quest Worlds is a free to play 2D browser MMORPG...
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